The Wonder Of 'Two'

I've been getting asked a lot lately how things are going now that I have a newborn and a toddler. First of all, the weeks are flying by faster than my recent labour (for those playing at home I almost didn't make it to the hospital, as my labour was only recorded as 1 hour 3 mins from start to finish!).

The days are long, and they are repetitive, there are tears and tantrums (sometimes mine) - but my heart is so much more full than my hands could ever be.

They past few weeks are a blur of round-the -clock feeding, nappy changes, rocking, and settling. This takes up a large portion of the day of course, but there is a little man who has been the centre of my universe for almost 3 years, who needs my love and attention too. A gorgeous boy who is so patient about the changes to his life of late, and the fact that he has to share the attention of his Mummy and Daddy.

The main thing I need to focus on is acceptance. Acceptance that some days are going to challenge me in every possible way, that I can't be perfect, that my body won't bounce back, that some days I will only achieve the bare minimum, that somedays I won't live up to the expectations I put upon myself as a mother, wife and friend.

I am beyond blessed with my two gorgeous children, but it is definitely hectic at times. So if you are wondering if you should add another member to your tribe-remember the days may be long but the years are short!


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