To My Little Lady


Not long now until I get to meet you and see your little face in the flesh. The past few months have flown by with so happening on the outside that I haven't been able to fully soak in what is happening on the inside.

With the craziness of everyday life and your big brother rarely giving me time to catch my breath, I sometimes don't register your pokes and prods - the beauty of the little human I am growing.

It's not until the chaos passes, normally under the cover of night, that I get to really enjoy you, dream about what you will be like, and think about how you will be the final piece to our family puzzle.

We are so excited to meet you, and your big brother can't wait to cuddle you and asks everyday if today is your 'birthday'.

I am sorry in advance if he is a little rough with you, a little noisy, a little too busy. But he is a beautiful soul who will look out for, and protect you, just like your Mummy and Daddy will.

I hope that being my second baby I can improve upon, and learn from my mistakes the first time around. I want to learn to live in the moment a little more (even if that moment includes endless screaming, crying, vomit and immense sleep deprivation).

I will make sure that I remember that everything passes, nothing is forever, and for every difficult newborn moment there are a million more moments that make up for it.

I won't promise that I'll be the perfect Mum, but I do promise that I will love you fiercely, keep you safe and do everything in my power to keep you happy and content.

The four of us will always have each-others backs and through thick and thin, good times and bad, we will be a family, - a family meant for each other.

Not long baby girl, until I get to look into your eyes and meet the love of my life all over again



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