Toddler Sleep Success

The past few weeks have been a nightmare on the sleep front in our house. Multiple night wakings, tears, tantrums, hysteria and general unsettled sleeping patterns had become the norm and bedtime was a time to be dreaded.

Hunter has never been a particularly good sleeper, but this was on par with those early weeks with a newborn, except this time your child can get out of bed and run around the house like a chook without its head!

Sleep deprivation is something that nightmares are made of, and it often has a ripple effect impacting all facets of your life, your work and your relationship with your partner.

After nights of my husband and I spending time on a blowup mattress in Hunters room in a bid to get him to sleep - we knew something had to give. The first thing was to eliminate the day nap - insert tears here, (not Hunters but Mummy's).

The second, was the purchase of a 'gro-clock'. For those who have not heard of this incredible invention it is a clock that illuminates with stars or a sun to communicate sleep and wake up times. Basically you set the time that you would ideally like your little one to stay in bed until, and it teaches them to 'stay in bed until you see the sun'.

After only one night Hunter was able to grasp the concept that the stars meant 'bed' and the sun meant 'wake up'. 4 nights and counting and Hunter has stayed in bed at least until the sun appeared at 6.30am. This is a miracle seeing as 5.00am has been his wake up time of choice for almost a month.

I definitely believe that the gro-clock has helped our house get a few more hours of sleep this week, and nobody is going to complain about that!

For more information on the gro-clock visit


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