Comparison is the thief of joy!

Theodore Roosevelt has it spot on with this quote - and this really should be a 'Mummy Mantra' that we all adopt....hell, everyone should live their life by these words. We are often our own worst enemies, constantly comparing ourselves to others and measuring our own successes by those of others. Why do we do this to ourselves? Scoll through your Instagram feed for example, do the pictures of what others are up to, or how they appear make you feel good? Or do they make you feel bad about yourself, or even jealous?

Social media can of course be a great way to communicate, catch up with others, or provide a form of escape from the 'real world' - but is important to remember that not everything is as it appears. Sure, use those fitspo models or personal trainers as a form of motivation, or as a source of knowledge, but try and remember that their life is no better than ours because they have a six pack - they have insecurities just like the rest of us.

Stop comparing yourself to the zen Mum with her 3 angelic children at the park with her home-made healthy array of snacks, I bet there are times when she feeds her kids McDonalds just like the rest of us.

Try not to measure your relationship goals by the happy snaps you see on Facebook - most people aren't going to put up a status admitting they are struggling or fighting with their other halves.

All of this is often easier said than done, and we all doubt ourselves not just as parents, but simply as people. There are always going to be moments of self-doubt, but the way we respond to this is what is really important. So next time you are finding yourself wishing you had the fancy house that your friend has, or the amazing physique of that woman next to you in gym class, take a minute to count the many blessings in your life - and remember that you have so much to feel proud of, and thankful for!


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