Is there ever a 'right' time?

Well its official, my little baby has recently turned two and is a baby no longer...............despite some days feeling like they were never going to end, and wondering if we were ever going to survive becoming parents - I look back now with fondness (or maybe with some rose-coloured glasses!) As we all do, I have regrets about certain aspects but am also proud of what we have achieved, and gorgeous human we are raising.

Things are starting to get a little easier, minus the toddler tantrums and constant battle with winter illness of course, and I am thinking about growing our family once more. Despite this, there is the 'over-thinker' side to my personality that is questioning the timing, as well as my ability to cope with two kids.

I see other Mummy's in their element with multiple children, yet I see others that are really struggling with introducing a newborn into the mix with a toddler already in tow.

I have made no secret of my initial struggles with Hunter as a newborn, or even my ability to adjust to a life that isn't centred around my own wants and needs. I look back with fondness over the past 2 years, even though there have been positive experiences but also a fair share of tough times. I am not going to kid myself that it will be easier the second time around, but I honestly feel that there is a little someone that might be missing from our family.

All I know is that despite the extra strain and stress that bringing another life into the world may bring, it would also be a blessing to witness the bond between siblings that we have created and nurtured.....who knows what the future may bring, but for now I'm going to trust my heart and let fate dictate.


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