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The past few weeks have been a bit of a roller-coaster ride for our household with a bout of gastro, some time spent on the Sunshine Coast and Hunter having 2 hospital visits in as many days with a raging fever and tonsillitis....Things have finally returned to normal (dare I say it!) but all of this excitement of late had left this Mummy feeling pretty drained and in need of a boost, and poor Hunter was undoubtedly suffering from cabin fever.

The amazing people at 'Jardins' and 'My Baby Gifts' must have known this, because we were greeted this morning by the most incredible roses I have ever seen and a gorgeous baby giftbox to review - All I can say is WOW!

The long-stemmed roses from are presented in Jardins' French themed box complete with lid and satin handles, and are guaranteed to brighten the day of anyone who receives them - they definitely turned my mood around instantly!

These flowers would make the most incredible gift for any occasion - be it for a new Mum, a birthday, special occasion or for anyone that simply needs spoiling.

Don't let the little ones miss out though - head over to to check out their incredible baby bouquets and baby gifts sets available - they are amazing quality and can include clothes, toys, blankets or even chocolates and would be absolutely perfect for a baby shower or to celebrate a birth....whats not to love?!


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