One More Time

Recently I read a post shared by a fellow blogger illustrating the importance of living in the moment, realising that nothing lasts forever, and the importance of recognising (before it's too late) that your children will grow up at such a rate that will leave you wondering where the time went? In the lead up to Hunter's 2nd birthday I am questioning more and more where the time has gone and how I can make sure I remember that some things that may seem repetitive or even a little annoying right now, will most likely be the very same things that I wish I could do with him, or witness with him one more time.

I remember watching my pregnant belly jiggle and dance as he kicked and punched my insides and despite being huge and uncomfortable I wish I could witness this one more time

Some days I kick myself for wanting to fast forward through the tough newborn days, I now wish I could inhale his beautiful newborn smell one more time.

Despite breastfeeding being difficult at the start, and Hunter being an uncomfortable feeder a lot of the time, I wish I had those moments in the still, early hours of the morning to do it one more time.

Now when I hear him calling out my name for the 100th time overnight I try and remember that one day I will wish that he would call out for me one more time.

When he know I am annoyed with him and he is being naughty but then he wraps his chubby hands around my neck and kisses me, I will wish for those moments one more time.

When he starts school and the house is silent, I will remember his daily requests to build a 'house' in the lounge-room out of pillows and blankets first thing in the morning, and wish I could do it one more time.

When he is a teenager and becomes embarrassed to be seen with me, I will wish for those moments where he would cling to me and not want to let go, one more time.

One day when he leaves home and starts a family of his own, I will wish that I could be the one fussing over him, one more time.

And when I am old and frail, my body weakened by the journey of life, I will make sure I hold him tight in my arms, one more time.


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