Some days.......

We all know that the life of parenting has extreme highs and crushing lows, and that despite there being some monotonous moments, there are some moments that simply take your breath away.........

Some days you sit back and wonder what you ever did to deserve such a perfect little human to call your own, other days you wonder what you ever did wrong.

Some days you are organised and the day runs according to plan, other days you have to cancel plans you were looking forward to because caring for your kids comes first.

Some days your child is happy and playful, other days your child cries so often and so long that you do the same.

Some days you will feel like you have an army of support behind you, other days you will feel completely alone.

Some days you will relish all the moments of the day that make you a parent, other days you will resent the same things.

Some days you will cook your children healthy gourmet meals, other days you will serve up pre-packaged food without a second thought.

Some days you will have patience and control, other days you will be irritated and then feel guilty for your actions.

Some days you will pray for your child's bedtime, other days you will feel like you didn't get to spend enough time with them.

Some days you will feel refreshed and energised, other days you will be so tired that your body aches and your brain hurts

Some days you will feel like there is no better place to be in the world, other days you may feel like escaping.

Some days you and your partner feel strong and ready to take on the world, other days you bicker and argue over small things.

Some days the sun shines brightly, other days are gloomy and grey.

Some days you are present - taking in everything around you, other days you are pre-occupied and focused on other things.

Some days you feel that you have been a great Mother, other days you feel like you failed.

Some days are better than others, but our children forgive us our shortcomings as parents, just as we always forgive them of theirs.

Some days we just need to focus on what really matters, accept that we are only human, and appreciate the gifts that we have been given.


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