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Before becoming a Mum I was always a bit of a stress head, often gave too much thought to the 'what ifs' or the 'things that might happen'. I always would preempt things, think of all the possible outcomes and effects for my actions, and waste precious time on things that were out of my control. After becoming a Mum this all stepped up a notch, now I was responsible for another human life, it was now my job to make sure this little person was safe and cared for.....I had to keep everything together for someone else who relied on me 100% for every little thing.

There are so many pressures in life, and many added ones when you become a Mum. There are pressures that come from friends, family, society in general and of course social media. There are things like if you are able to breastfeed or not, the ability to get back to your 'pre-baby' body, having a neat and tidy house, trying to maintain a social life, or having a perfectly groomed child sitting quietly as you stroll along. Here's a reality check for you - having all of these is not reality! Some people may appear to have it all together, but guaranteed there are times when all of us wonder what the hell we are doing.

Recently I've been doing a lot of soul-searching and thinking about what really is important in the big scheme of things. I try and ask myself, will this issue that I am concerning myself with really matter in a week or so? What is the worst that can happen? The new mantra my husband and I have recently started to try and live by is, 'is it life or death'? If the answer is no, then it really isn't worth excessively worrying about, sure not everything is always sunshine and roses but often we focus on the small little speed-humps, in life and turn them into catastrophic events unnecessarily.

I guess what I am trying to say is, take some of the pressure of yourselves and those around you, nobody is perfect and it's exhausting trying to strive for perfection. Some days are going to be bloody amazing, others are going to be bloody awful, but its the way we choose to react to them that makes all the difference. It is taking time for me to really start living with a more relaxed attitude, but one day at a time is all you need.


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