A hormonal hot mess

For most women when they become pregnant, they see not only a big change in their physical appearance, but also in their mental state and hormonal levels. One minute they may be Zen Mumma in the making, the next a blubbering mess. These huge changes and fluctuations can wreak havoc on even the most calm of people and leave you wondering what the hell is going on?! After you have your baby there are still a few weeks where your body is still adjusting to the changes, and eventually you will return to your old less-hormone ravaged self right? Wrong! Well at least in my case. My son is nearing his 2nd birthday and I am still dealing with after affects of increased anxiety and epic mood variations dependent on the time of the month.

For about two and a half weeks of the month I am my usual self and pretty even-tempered, the other week and a half I can go from raging lunatic to teary mess in a heartbeat. Well, maybe not that dramatic but you get my drift. I have always been a slightly anxious person but this is definitely more prevalent during this week or so when I am pre-menstrual. Sure I had a bit of PMS before having Hunter, but this is now magnified by a million percent post-baby and I find myself blowing things waaaaaaay out of proportion at certain times of the month and question what on earth is happening to me?

Most people will not witness the dragon-lady I can become, with exception for my husband and some VERY select family or friends that I know love me unconditionally - as I am sure anyone else would tell me to take a long walk off a short pier.

I have seen doctors, taken blood tests and had hormone checks, with no reasons to be found as to why I have such noticeable hormonal mood swings. So I thought I would try a natural remedy to see if it helped. I recently started taking St John's Wort capsules which is a plant derived capsule that can aid with PMS, as well as anxiety and depression. I am obviously NOT a medical professional and would not recommend taking it without discussing it with your GP first - but the results for me personally so far have been great. I don't know if it is just acting as a placebo or not, but I am feeling calmer, less moody and definitely less emotional since taking it which definitely isn't a bad thing. Check back with me in a month and we'll see, but in the meantime everyone around me is benefiting from me being much more relaxed and mild-mannered!


Disclaimer: St John's Wort is NOT to be taken in conjunction with any anti-depressant medication or birth control pills, and should not be taken if you are pregnant of breast-feeding. Please see your doctor to discuss any possible side effects of interactions if you are planning to take St John's Wort.

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