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Well its been a few weeks since my last post, and normally a gap in writing like this signifies a tough time at home because of Hunter teething, being sick or just being generally difficult. This time, it is quite the opposite - I have just been enjoying him and his beautiful company. I started this blog as a way for Mummy's and parents in general to connect, and discuss their feelings towards the crazy life that entails once you have kids, and quite often the posts that resonated most were those documenting tough times or those saying things that everyone thinks, but seldom says out loud for fear of judgement.

But today, I write simply because I am happy, and feel blessed to be at home with my little boy watching him grow each and every day. My son has reached an age that is by far the most enjoyable so far, but the days are rolling over so quickly that I wish I had the ability for time to stand still for just a moment, so that I can enjoy it for just a little bit longer.

Don't get me wrong, some days can be like groundhog day, some days Hunter is clingier than any koala, some days I am utterly exhausted from chasing this mini tornado, and some days I simply don't want to 'adult'. But I am enjoying being a Mum more than ever before.

People often ask me if I get bored being at home, or lonely hanging out with a toddler all day but honestly the answer is no. I keep busy with gym (which has amazing creche facilities), catching up with my gorgeous Mum's group and other friends with young children, we get to spend quality time as a family as soon as Daddy gets home, and we attend activities like playgroup which is a great socialisation opportunity, not only for the children but the parents as well!

You all know about my struggles with both the newborn phase and trying to conceive so I am making sure that I really relish these wonderful days with my little man because I simply don't want to regret these days, and wish them away like I did for those months of Hunter's life. So for now I am going to let the beautiful moments sink in, and take a moment to realise how great living in the now can be............but if you'll excuse me, first I have to go and deal with a toddler tantrum ensuing. Swings and roundabouts people!


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