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The end of daylight savings signals the end of those long warm evenings, and brings with it a stark reminder of the blistering cold we often experience in Melbourne (and of course some of the other states). With this reminder of these cold and rainy days come many challenges for parents with the biggest being how to entertain kids indoors!

Hunter is always on the go, and his attention span is often measured in nano-seconds, so being trapped inside often gives us both cabin fever. Whilst you can always rug up and brave the elements, there are days when you really wanting to avoid leaving the house as much as possible. For those days, here are a few basic and easily affordable activities you can try to keep you both sane - (as with any children's activities though, supervision is always required):

Playdoh - Whoever thought to make soft, coloured balls of dough is a genius. Cheap to buy but also easy to make, playdoh is fun but also amazing for busy little fingers and developing fine motor skills. Throw in a few plastic implements and some blocks or feathers for tactile/sensory stimulation and you are onto a winner. If you aren't a fan of buying ready made - check out the link below for a super simple no-cook recipe that you can throw together!


Sensory Games - Again, these are really simple but effective - the best part? All you need to do is empty your plastics cupboard and find a few leftover pantry staples. Hunter managed to entertain himself for at least 20 minutes, (anyone who knows him, will know this is a miracle) by simply filling containers with raw pasta and tipping them out. Measuring cups, plastic spoons and spatulas are also guaranteed to provide some entertainment.

Baking - Granted this can be a little messy and may require some forethought in terms of buying ingredients, but it is lots of fun. I am certainly no Masterchef, but my little guy hasn't knocked back any of our baked treats so far (and Daddy is happy to taste test when he gets home too). Really simple baking recipes are readily available online so head to http://www.taste.com.au/search-recipes/?q=kids+baking+recipes

or http://www.kidspot.com.au/kitchen/occasions/cooking-with-kids for some culinary inspiration.

You don't always have to have fancy toys or out-there ideas for indoor fun, sometimes just a little imagination is all you need - and if all else fails who doesn't like making forts?


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