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Always on the look out for new and fun activities to try, yesterday Hunter and I went and had a look at the amazing concept of 'Mess Matters' in Moorabbin, after hearing about it from a friend. On arrival we saw several different workstations set up and were given an explanation of the facility and encouraged to let our little ones explore.

The concept behind Mess Matters is that children learn through tactile freedom and that learning to play and create with various materials and colours develop their creativity, confidence and fine-motor skills.

Each week the workstations change so there is no possibility that your little one will be bored, and you get to take your budding artists creations home to proudly display on the fridge. There are also various sensory activites to participate in with sand, water and bubbles! The best part? Your kidlets can make all the mess they want without any pressure by the staff to tidy up, and they leave with a huge smile on their face!

Mess Matters runs on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 9.30am-10.15am and more information can be founds at - sessions can be booked casually or there are discounted 5 or 10 class passes available. For bookings or to even chat about holding a fun and creative birthday party there, contact Ilana on 0425 808 219!

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