Sleep Well with Slumbersac!

My 18 month old is full of beans and this is also the case when it comes to bedtime. He has always been a wriggler and never manages to stay under his blankets so I have always kept him in a sleeping bag/sack and continue to do so. For me, finding sleeping bags in 18 month+ sizing that are durable has proved to be quite difficult, and often very expensive. I was almost giving up hope until I was contacted by the lovely people at Slumbersac!

I checked out their website and was very impressed by their large selection of sleeping bags and wraps in a huge variety of colours, styles and TOG/Weight for all year round - the most impressive part? They make them big enough for children up to school age!

I chose the all-year sleeveless bag with the choo choo design for my train obssessed little man and received it in the mail 2 days later, which was very impressive.

These sleeping sacs are made of 100% pure cotton chambray and have a lovely soft cotton lining. They are currently retailing online from $50 depending on size, which is amazing value considering the sizing we received is for 12-36 months will last for ages (the bag has velcro fastening to alter the size according to your childs age).

Hunter happily roadtested the product and was definitely comfortable and snug throughout the night, he was so comfortable in fact that he stayed in it whilst hanging out on the couch in the morning too, which allowed Mummy to enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee so it was a win all-round!

For all those parents out there struggling with keeping their kids in their cots/beds at a comfortable temperature overnight I highly recommend visiting Slumbersac and checking out their many options available. They also have a handy guide helping you choose which undergarments to put your bubba in depending on the temperature. Anything that helps the household get some rest gets a big thumbs up from me!


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