Fun at the Zoo

Today we ventured out on our first family trip to the zoo, it started out wonderfully with the little guy having a sleep in the car on the drive into Parkville, so he had LOTS of energy for the day ahead. On our walk from the carpark we noticed quite a few people walking away, obviously there was quite a queue.....why so? Because school's out and it's a public holiday - parenting fail! On the upside we had pre-purchased tickets online so it didn't quite that long, plus it gave Hunter time to study the map and suss out where he wanted to look first!

We hit the ground running and headed straight to the most important attraction first - the food kiosk - after all we needed sustinance for the hours ahead. Then it was off to catch a glipse of the animals, the warm weather and lunchtime sun meant it was siesta time for quite a few of them but we did get up close to some pretty amazing animals including the elephants and giraffes which Hunter was very happy about!

It is such a beautiful experience watching your child witness so many amazing animals and creatures for the first time, and seeing their eyes wide with wonder and excitement. Hunter's favourite was definitely watching the seals swim underwater - I'm sure he thought he could reach out and grab them.

It was a great (but also bloody tiring) day out with lots of beautiful memories made. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with children over 12 months but maybe try and avoid it during peak times like public holidays if you aren't a big fan of crowds!


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