How the RACV saved Christmas

This morning my poor little car had what appeared to be a little leak in the radiator (not cool haha) - so hubby popped in some coolant and we headed out to the shops. Upon our return he thought he'd put in a tiny bit more when it started pouring out the bottom of the engine rendering the car undrivable and us stranded in the heat. That was until I remembered I had RACV total care!

A short phonecall and we had a tow truck on the way. Because it is Sunday, they also gave me the option of towing it home first and then coming back to tow it to a mechanic the following morning if I was uncomfortable leaving it unattended at a workshop. They even paid for a taxi home and will pay for a taxi for me to get back to collect the car once its fixed.

As annoying and inconvenient as having a car breakdown is (especially right before Christmas) the whole experience was seamless and we were home and out of the heat within no time. I'm not one to talk up insurance companies (I have worked for a few in the past) but the $220 membership we paid months back just paid for itself and then some. It might seem a bit steep or you might think you will never need it but I really recommend this for Mums that are constantly driving their kids around and especially those whose families like to take roadtrips over the holidays. The best part is that the policy holder is actually covered in any car so you can even use the callout service if you are driving your partners or a friends car. Definitely worth a look folks, especially with the busy holiday season ahead!

You can check it out via the link below


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