5 Toddler Lessons

Life with a toddler is never dull, there are the amazing aspects like watching their personalities emerge, marvelling at their increasing skills or that gorgeous hug and kiss from them that takes your breath away. It can also be trying, exhausting and very, very messy! Here a 5 things that your toddler is sure the test!

1. The boundaries - Falls, bruises and tears are often the result of this, particularly if you have an adventurous little man like myself. Climbing things, pulling things apart, touching things that are dangerous and throwing things (like tantrums!) are commonplace and sure to keep you on your toes. Babyproofing a particular area of your house is a must if you ever feel like relaxing.

2. Your memory - Especially at this time of year, sleep deprivation or the craziness of the upcoming holiday period are sure to make you forget a few things. Add to that the fact that your little one is pointing and begging for toys or sweets whilst you are out shopping and you can easily forget the items you went shopping for in the first place!

3. Your relationship - A toddler is often more difficult to keep to a routine and their constant expansion of their knowledge base often leaves them wound up and unable to sleep as they are going over their new skills or adventures in their little heads. This can make it hard to get quality one-on-one time with your parter at times, especially if they refuse to go to bed at their usual bedtime. Schedued date nights are a must!

4. Your friendships - You may have already noticed that your friendships have changed since having a baby. Some are stronger than ever, some have fallen by the wayside and some are new and fulfilling. Some friends will understand that your priorities and values have changed whilst others will appear to support you but may not actually be there when you need them - try and accept that this is the circle of frienship life.

5. The ability of your heart to hold any more love - Regardless of whether you have a good or bad day, you have been blessed with a little human to protect, nurture, love and cuddle (until they get older and don't want to cuddle you because you embarrass them). Your hands may be full, but your heart even more so.


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