Sleep deprived parents rejoice - here is the item you need now!

Do you have a baby that will only fall asleep on you and the second you move them they are awake? Are you looking at distancing your co-sleeping relationship or is your bub about to make the move into their own cot/room? Do you wish your little one slept that little bit longer? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you need to look into the revolutionary Lulla Doll. I wish I had knownabout this doll when Hunter graduated to his 'big boy room' or even during those sleep deprived newborn months, it would have been such a lifesaver!

The Lulla Doll makes real life breathing sounds and a heartbeat that mimics Mummy or Daddy so that your little one feels safe and secure for up to 8 hours at a time. It can be used from premmie age upwards and has a velcro safety strap so that it doesn't pose a risk in your baby's cot or bassinet. These amazing dolls have been so popular that they have already sold out once and there are less than 1000 dolls available worldwide until March 2016.

Click on the link below to buy one of these revolutionary dolls and look forward to a restful nights sleep

Sweet Dreams


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