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Today my beautiful cousin wrote a raw, honest and inspiring facebook post outlining her feelings. She wrote of stress, anxiety, missed opportunites, self-doubt, and how we need to take risks and say 'yes' more often. It got me thinking of how hard it is for many of us to be honest and really let others have a glimpse of what is beneath the surface.

We all doubt ourselves and our abilities at times, yet it is something that most of us rarely talk about because it makes us vulnerable and puts our feelings 'on show'.

I started this blog as a new Mum who was trying to adjust to her new role in life, I wanted to be honest and show that its not all baby cuddles and coos. As amazing as life can be in so many respects it can also be tough - regardless of if you are a parent or not.

I have been blessed with good health and a family who love me, but sometimes I still doubt myself. I still struggle with anxiety when my son cries, I have fed him fast food without blinking an eye, I put unrealistic expectations on myself to keep a spotless home despite living with a toddler, and I often wonder if I am doing enough. I have been frustrated and upset at times, bitten my husband's head off for no good reason and been selfish - this is not anything to be proud of but I am proud of having a forum to be honest and real.

I am sure that many others out there have similar thoughts and experiences but feel as though they can't discuss it or be honest about it. I am also sure that I have missed out onsome great experiences due to the things I have listed above, and I want to make sure I really embrace life for all of its beauty more often. It is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day but when you step back and a deep breath it is amazing what you will find. Here's to being honest about our flaws, imperfections and stresses but lets use these opportunites to better ourselves and this wonderful life that we have been given!


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