Sippy-Cup Success!

My how life changes - not too long ago things like checking out a great new restaurant or enjoying an amazing bottle of wine was a measure of a sucessful weekend, or even waking up on a Monday after a huuuuge weekend and still managing to make it into work. Fast forward to Mum life, and I found myself getting excited this weekend about finding a sippy cup that works. Sad I know, but I have spent hundreds (literally) on various cups and bottles, teats and straws trying to get my son to drink his water.

Below are just SOME that I have bought:

As clever as my 13 month is in so many respects, figuring out how to drink from a sippy cup is definitely not one of his strong suits. He doesn't understand that you are supposed to suck on a straw or nozzle and prefers chewing them until they break or until he screams in pain after hurting his gums - either this or he is covered in water and needs a new change of clothes.

Well this weekend I found the answer - so if you are having some of the same issues I have been having transitioning to a cup, I have saved you the legwork. Buy yourself a WOW Baby Cup and there will be no mess, no fuss.

I found mine in Woolworths for about $13 and it is definitely the best I have found on the market. It has a valve that automatically shuts off and seals once your little one stops drinking - genius! All those parents out there struggling to get their babies/toddlers to drink from a cup rather than a bottle - get onto it!


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