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After a long winter and a stressful and busy holiday resulting in eating waaaaay too much junk food I decided that this week would be the week that I started eating better and improve my general wellbeing. I am not wanting to simply drop kilos, this is more about getting a fitter and more muscular body and eating a balanced diet. Not wanting to do things by halves I decided to embark on Kayla Itsines BBG 1.0 (Bikini Body Guide) for 12 weeks.

For those who are not aware, Kayla is a personal trainer who has designed a womens nutrition and exercise plan that has followers and converts across the globe. I have only completed week one of the program and it has had its ups and downs but I am on track and feeling motivated. Following the nutrition plan has sometimes been rough and I have found myself a little peckish at times, but never have I gone a whole week where I have made everything from scratch ie. nothing processed or refined - although I have felt as though I spent most of the past week cutting up fresh fruit and vegetables!

For those those who are interested here are a few of the meals/snacks so far

Chicken, Brown Rice, Salad and Cheese

Home made souvlaki

Asian chicken salad with vermicelli

Museli with youghurt and berries

Yoghurt with watermelon

I am really wanting to stick out the full 12 week program for increased energy, fitness and overall health and hoping that posting about it occassionally should make me more accountable. So far I am enjoying it and finding the food quite tasty (except for smoothies with kale - yuck) and the exercise program is quite varied so this should eliminate boredom. I guess the idea is no fads or gimmicks - just eating well and getting moving.

Here's to feeling great from the inside out!


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