The Not-So-Happy Holiday

Last week we set off for a beautiful and much needed holiday on the Sunshine Coast. We got the Sunshine but it was unfortunately without a lot of the rest and relaxation we had hoped for. Hunter was not himself when we arrived but we put this down to recent teething, a plane ride and unfamiliar surroundings. Our usually happy little man became progressively more unsettled and miserable and started running a fever.

Being the trooper that he is, he still continued to muster up some smiles and the occassional dance move when he heard music but something was still not right and we made the decision to attend hospital (of course it was Father's Day and a Sunday)

After many, many tears and hours of waiting the poor little thing continued to get prodded and poked by different hospital staff. This culminated in taking a nose and throat swab for testing -witnessing this was the most awful thing I have had to see my son endure and I hope I never have to see this again. The results came back as Influenza B - which is currently running rampant on the NSW and QLD coasts - my little germ sponge strikes again!

The daily double of back to back panadol and nurofen started helping him feel a bit better and allowed us all to have a bit of fun in the sun and a peek around the shops on our final days of the trip, but we were feeling happy at the fact that we were heading back to familiar surroundings. Last night we were able to sleep in our own beds and feel like we had finally found our feet - there really is no place like home!


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