Travelling with Infants

Lets face it, having kids will definitely make you appreciate your holiday and down-time a little bit more - but, travelling with babies isn't without its own set of challenges. We are about to embark on another interstate holiday with Hunter next month, and here are a few of my tips from previous experience.

*Preparation is key (but as Mums we already know this), be ready for tears or a tantrum at check-in, so if possible try and check in online prior and have al of your documentation easily within reach

*If your baby is small enough, invest in a baby carrier. Most airlines will require you to check-in your pram with your luggage, which leaves you holding your baby for what can be hours before boarding. Unfortunately for me, Hunter is too big for me to wear, but is also not walking yet so this upcoming trip could prove interesting.

*Make sure you have your boobs/bottles/dummies at the ready for take-off and landing. Bubs should be chewing at these times so that they do not hurt their ears.

*Be prepared that your child will most likely scream and/or cry whilst on board and that you will get 'that look' from other passengers. As difficult and stressful as it can be, try to ignore them and lets be honest - we are all probably guilty of doing the same 'pre-baby'.

*If possible, hire or rent items at your destination to save transporting the entire house with you eg. portacot or highchairs - most hotels and resorts will rent these things for a small Following on from this, if possible, try and have bubs trial a portacot back home to see how they react - or be prepared to co-sleep

*Try not to overpack, I definitely did this on our last trip to QLD and lets face it, we were still in the same country not some remote island where there is only one store. 99% of the things you might forget can easily be purchased at your destination.

*If you run to a fairly rigid routine back home, be prepared to loosen the reins a little bit, your bub may take some time to adjust to their new surroundings and may be a little wary.

*But most of all, have fun, relax and make some beatiful memories!


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