Top Tips for the First 12 Months

I really can't believe it, but my little man is going to turn 1 this month! It really is true what they say, they grow up so quickly! As a first time Mum you really don't know what to expect so here are some of my top tips from my experience so far:

*Regardless of your stance on breastfeeding and dummies, do have a tin of formula and a few dummies on hand in that first few weeks 'just in case'

*You don't need to buy every contraption on the market but I do recommend a bouncer of some sort because you simply can't hold your baby all the time and it is somewhere safe to put them

*Buying a baby carrier is a good idea. I didn't get one until Hunter was a few months old and it would definitely have been easier if I started earlier. I am also assuming that it is a necessity if you have more than one child

*Force yourself to take the baby out of the house as early as you feel comfortable with. It is daunting, but once you have done it a few times you will feel more confident.

*Get some fresh air, a walk will do wonders

*Accept the help, if someone offers to cook/clean/babysit - say yes

*You will have bad days, or even bad weeks but the good days will make you forget them

*Have baby panadol/nurofen and bonjela in your cupboard at all time - teething is an absolute bitch

*Try not to be too hard on yourself, you will feel helpless, hopeless and sometimes find yourself wondering what to do, but you will find your way

*Join a mums group, you and your baby will make some lovely friends and you will have others at the same stage to bouce things off

*Take lots of pictures and videos beause the time really does fly

*You may feel like your days are on repeat sometimes, try and mix things up with some activites like taking your little one to a playgroup or swimming lessons

*Don't expect everyone to understand your circumstances, particularly those without children. It is difficult to realise how much is involved in being a new parent until you are one yourself

*Try and have semi-regular date nights. It is easy to lose touch with your partner amongst the sea of nappy changes, feedings, long nights etc.

*Remember that you have been blessed with a gorgeous little creature - even though they have turned your world upside down!


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