My Labour Essentials

There are so many things to be arranged and organised before an impeding birth and whether its your first or fourth baby you are bound to forget something. I know I spent waaaay too much time packing my hospital bags and even dragged my poor husband around searching for a suitable 'birthing top' (trust me you will never wear it and be rocking a hospital gown). So baby items aside here are my top 5 things that you need on the labour ward:

1. Hair ties - Nobody wants to be in labour with their hair flying around or worse still - wet, matted and stuck to your face. Do yourself a favour and get that hair pulled back out of your face or you are going to feel like you are swimming through seaweed.

2. Lip balm - Dry lips are no fun, and as someone who has lip balm on them 24/7 it was definitely on my essentials list. You will most likely be hot and a bit parched during labour, so keep your lips hydrated for comfort, and of course for all of those beautiful pictures afterwards.

3. Snacks/Lollies - I was lucky enough to have a pretty swift labour but make sure you have something to nibble on for energy. Sure, you are unlikely to feel like eating a lot, but a barley sugar or a jelly bean will do wonders.

4. Music/Playlist - Some music to calm the mood or help lift your spirits is also a good idea. I'll tell you what isn't a good idea? Trying to get your husband to create a spotify playlist during labour. You will struggle to think of the right songs for the 'mood' and most likely end up frustrated and/or throwing your phone across the room.

5. An open mind - You might have a birth plan or you might just see how things progress - either way how the birth process goes is ultimately up to your baby. Try not to get hung up on all the little details, the most important thing is for your little bundle to arrive safely!


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