5 Joys of Motherhood

We all know that becoming a Mum is a tough gig, but it is also a blessing and the most rewarding job you will ever have. Here are 5 things that make it amazing:

1. Feeling your baby kick - Ok if I'm honest those first flutters have you wondering if it is a kick, hunger or gas but that is beside the point! Watching your growing belly move and feeling your baby wriggle and respond to your touch is such a beautiful and exciting feeling.

2. Realising what your body is capable of - the body is an amazing thing, and there is nothing more amazing than growing a tiny human. Your body will become unrecognisable, but you will be in awe of its ability to house, protect and nourish your child. You may have extra skin or stretchmarks but be proud of what your body has achieved.

3. Witnessing your child learning - You will feel a sense of pride like never before; whether it be the first time your baby sits up, crawls, walks or talks, there is nothing more amazing that watching your child grow and develop.

4. Reliving your own childhood - Activities that may have become mundane are suddenly exciting again like visiting a playground or kicking a ball at the park. I personally cannot wait to visit zoos, go bowling or even see a movie with my little man!

5. Watching your child with their Father - Nothing is as beautiful as this, whether it be the smile on your childs face when Daddy gets home, watching them read a story or the shrieks of laughter you can hear from the next room. A perfect reminder of the joys in life.


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