An open letter to my child

As my son's first birthday fast approaches I am finding myself excited, emotional, reminiscent and reflective. I probably won't get the chance to explain to my son exactly how his existence has altered by life up to this point, as by the time he is old enough to understand the words may fail me or the moment forgotton. So here it is in black and white for eternity:

Dear Hunter,

First of all let me start by saying you are loved beyond words, and I could not be more thankful to be able to call you my son. I knew you were going to be a boisterous man full of life as I felt you kicking away inside my belly all those months ago. I have never been so nervous but so excited to meet someone in my entire life. I wondered what you would look like but knew you would be handsome like your Daddy. I knew you would make an such a huge impression but didn't know your cheekiness and smile would not only light up my life but so many others around you (even random ladies in the Supermarket).

You are bright, vivacious and loving but you are also fiercely independant and capable even at such a young age. Never before have I been so tired, worried about someone or unsure of myself but we are starting to find our groove. The times that you cry uncontrollably or are visibly in pain hurt me just as much, and I am sorry that I can become a bit frustrated at times, but even the best and most rewarding parts of life can still be challenging.

I am so proud of you, and I often stare you wondering who you will become and what sort of a man you will be. You are my greatest ever achievement. Thankyou for giving me the lifelong purpose of being your Mum!


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