The Exercise Effect

Let me start by saying I am definitely no athlete, hell a few of years ago I couldn't even run a solitary lap of an oval. I was unhealthy, unfit and a smoker. Fast forward a few years and my poor 5 foot 2 frame has housed a baby and an additional 19 kgs. Once my abdominal separation settled down and I was given the all clear from the physio I started back with some walking and worked up to light jogging, and slowly but surely the kgs have come off. I've recently started back doing some resistance weight training as well and I feel much better for it. Through it all I struggle, I sweat, and I turn a hiddeous shade of crimson as documented in the photo below. Parts of my body have changed, and I will have extra skin and wobbly bits forever, but they serve as a reminder of the amazing feat of nourishing and growing another human.

I know it is hard to get motivated when you are constantly tired due to night wakings or an unsettled baby, the weather is bleak and the want to sit on the couch is all you can think of. It's very easy to get the winter blues but trust me, getting up and doing some exercise will not only help your body, but will clear your mind as well. You don't have to train for a marathon or a body sculpting contest - just get up and do something, anything that gets the blood pumping and your heart rate up, and let the endorphins do the rest!

Sometimes the hardest part is just getting started, and often you will find that once you get into it you will actually enjoy it (and the the little bit of 'me' time that it represents). So get out there and go for a jog, put on an aerobics DVD, try a class at your local gym. Do something for your body as well as your mind, and be the best version of yourself that you can be for your family.


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