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A couple of nights ago I was counting down the minutes until Hunter's bedtime as he had been a tyrant and this Mummy was exhausted. After the bath, book and bottle ritual was done my little man was sleeping peacefully. I quietly crept out to the couch, and enjoyed 15 minutes of TV and a bowl of sticky date pudding and ice-cream with my husband, breathing a sigh of relief that such a hectic day was over.....About half an hour later, the strangest thing happened - I found myself missing my little man. Isn't love strange?

He must have known about my quandary, because at 3.00 am he awoke screaming and crying like nothing else. No amount of Daddy and I cuddling, patting, shushing or offering a bottle would help.What did help? Getting up and watching Dora the Explorer - my little buddy obviously thought it was time get up and party. I lay there on the couch, groggy and cursing Dora and her constant bloody questions, and that's when I realised something. These are the moments that make memories. On face value these times may frustrate and annoy us, but when we really think about it - what is more special than spending time comforting those we love?

I got another dose of this yesterday afternoon about 5.00 pm, Hunter was grumpy and obviously in need of a power nap before dinner. He just would not settle in his cot, screaming as soon as his head hit the mattress. I ended up rocking him in the rocking chair that is still in his room - reminiscent of his early days. He quickly fell asleep on me and I slowly, surely and very gently attempted to transer him to his cot - didn't this kid know I had dinner to prepare? Cue screams and tears again......back to the rocker, and he was asleep again straight away.

It was here that I learnt another valuable lesson, we may have agendas and things that we want to do for ourselves whilst our babies sleep. But sometimes, we have to forget the outside world and enjoy the simplicity of life - and in this case it was with my sweet, snoring baby finding solace asleep on my chest.

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