Working Mums With Young Babies - I salute you!

As I laid in bed last night wide awake at 3.30 am, after being up with Hunter for the third time already, I thought to myself - how the hell do working Mums do it? My 12 months of maternity leave was due to finish at the end of this month, but I have negotiated an additional 12 months at home with my little man. This was a decision my husband and I believed was in the best interests of our family, and I am lucky that my husband has willingly taken over as the sole breadwinner, despite the stresses of having to run his own business. I lay there imagining having to get up for work in two and a half hours, getting myself and bubs ready for the day, dropping him off at childcare, getting stuck in traffic etc - all before even starting my shift-exhausting!

I know I was able to choose to not return to work just yet, but many families out there simply don't have that luxury, whilst other Mums choose to return to work to continue their career advancement, or for a bit of 'adult' time. Whatever the reason for returning to work, I am in awe of the determination and stamina that working Mums must have. Some days, I find it difficult when the only thing I have to do (obviously aside from caring for my little guy) is go out and do a grocery shop and clean the house - I can't imagine how tough this would be for those Mums who have to do all of this after putting in a tough day at the office.

I know we have to 'do what we have to do' for our children, and this comes as second nature for most, but I also want to applaud all of the Mums out here, not just the ones who work. The ones who don't get a minute to themselves, the ones who don't get to have much 'me' time due to hectic work and home life schedules, the Mums who juggle working from home or studying and the demands of a baby, the stay-at-home Mums that put love and pride into their households, the single Mums who have to take on the role of two parents - the list goes on.

I guess what I am saying is, no matter what type of 'Mum' you are - we are all doing something for the benefit of the little people that we have brought into the world, and this is an amazing achievement in itself.


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