10 Fun (and not so fun) Facts about being a first time Mum!

1. Your pregnancy will go by in the blink of an eye....except the last 2 weeks, this will feel like an eternity as your body is begging for the baby to be ouuuuuut!

2. You will receive varying pieces of advice from family, friends, and even strangers in the supermarket. Some of this advice will be wanted, but most will be unwanted - take it all with a pinch of salt and do what works for you.

3. Relish dressing up before you give birth, because your clothes from now on will be damp or stained by pee or vomit! Don't try to fight it...

4. You will speak in high pitched voices, sing the same song again and again (because it calms your screaming baby) and pull ridiculous faces - without caring who is watching/listening

5. You will be soooo tired but continue to find the energy to run around the house cleaning, washing and tidying up whilst your baby is sleeping, instead of sleeping yourself.

6. You will fight with your partner - the stress, fatigue and adjustment to your new lives makes this unavoidable. Just make sure you make up and spend some quality time together.

7. You will fall even more in love with your partner when you see them caring for, playing with and cuddling the little creature that you created together

8. You will doubt yourself at times, find strength you never knew you had, laugh, cry and sometimes wonder 'what the fuck have I done!'

9. Your friendships will change - those without children may not understand or be particularly interested anymore and slowly drift out of your life (but if you are honest were you interested in other peoples kids when you were childless), others will really step up to the plate with endless love and support, and you will start to make wonderful new friendships with other new mums.

10. You will look at your baby, whether it's when you are playing with them, feeding them, or even comforting them when they are screaming at 3.00 am and realise your life will never, ever be the same and you won't mind one bit, because you love them with every inch of your being!

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