Saying Goodbye to Sleep (Again!)

Sleep was definitely one of the first things I struggled with when I became a new Mum. I used to sleep like a log, and often had 8 or 9 hours a night of bedded bliss. Obviously when you first bring your newborn home sleep goes out the window, along with your beauty regime and the ability to string together a sentence. Slowly but surely your baby starts to grow and develop better sleeping habits and you start having blocks of 4 or 5 hours sleep overnight (if you are lucky). This allows you to begin to feel normal, able to face daily challenges head on, or at least that's how things were in our household for a while. Cue teething, and you have yourself a shock to the system that can seem worse than those initial weeks of newborn mayhem. Teething in our house has gone on for what seems like years already, the screaming, the crying, the drool trailing around the house, and cheeks shining like beacons. But now, at 9 months of age suddenly Hunter's sleeping habits have taken a huge backwards step and I was left wondering what on earth was going on, particularly as his teeth appear under control for the time being. I was doing some research and discovered that there is confirmed sleep regression at this age, somewhere between 8 and 10 months that affects a huge amount of babies. Basically, its due to huge amounts of brain development occurring at this time, and the fact that all these new behaviors and traits our little sponges are picking up on is often making them too wired to sleep. The good news is, apparently it is a passing phase that shouldn't last more than about 6 weeks.....thank god! For those going through something similar, or those whose babies are approaching this age-group do yourselves a favour and check out this link for some great information.


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