Camping Conundrum

This weekend we took our camper trailer out for adventure #2 and went up to Echuca, on the banks of the Murray River. The sun was shining, the birds were singing - and Hunter was killing the serenity for the most part! Ok, he did have some times when he turned on his charm, particularly with the two ladies in their early twenties sitting next to us at dinner on Friday night. They were totally smitten and even asked to take him home for the night (in hindsight maybe we should have taken them up on the offer)

Our camper trailer is amazing once it is all set up and furnished, not so amazing when poor Daddy Misgivings is trying to erect it and dismantle it all on his own. Hunter must really want to challenge Daddy's outdoors skills because he always chooses these times to have a crying fit, resulting in me having to put him in his pram and walk for miles. These times are challenging to say the least partitcularly as neither of us are seasoned campers!

On the flipside, waking up to the sound of birds, cooking a BBQ outside the tent and going for gorgeous walks amongst some spectacular scenery makes for some beautiful memories and great adventures. You will also meet some really interesting and friendly people, even though your baby definitely kept them awake at 4.00 am.

Here are some pics taken over the weekend. All in all, camping with a baby can be a lot of fun and a great escape from your usual surroundings, but can also be really stressful as well - but just like the slogan says; you never never know, if you never never go!

Our camper trailer set up (there is a third room you can attach but it is way to big for just us!)

Family tent selfie

Can't complain waking up to this view

Or this

Nothing beats getting rugged up and going for a walk in the crisp country air!

Neither of us are really looking at the camera, but we were waiting patiently for our devonshire tea

Hunter making friends with the friendly horse near our camp site

Hope you all had a lovely weekend


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