A Must Have for the Winter Months!

Myself and my little man fell victim to a cold over the weekend resulting in an annoying cough and runny nose. Now that we are heading into the colder months I'm sure this will be a regular occurrence as kids seem to be little sponges for germs. Daddy Misgivings decided to buy us a vaporiser unit and I definitely recommend it to ward off colds. After the first night Hunter's cough was practically gone and he was breathing easily - and he only woke up once overnight which was a definite bonus!

We bought the Eucy Bear Vapouriser and it is currently on special at Chemist Warehouse for $49.99 but there are plenty of other brands on the market too. Aside from filling it with Eucalyptus Oil when bubs is unwell, you can also apparently fill it with lavender oil for a soothing and calming effect. If you do get one just make sure you clean it properly and check that the room isn't getting too humid as it can be a breeding ground for mould, and of course put in in a safe spot where bubs can't grab at it and injure themselves. Now that we are feeling better we are off the shops!


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