Let It Go

Three simple words, we hear them all the time (albeit a little too much now thanks to Frozen) but do we ever actually take heed of these words? Motherhood is really challenging and the best of us can get overcome by anxiety, stress or frustration at times - wouldn't it just be easier to let it go? I for one, am guilty of over-thinking things at times, and paying too much attention to things that really don't matter all that much in the big scheme of things. There will always be disappointments and challenges in life, and having a baby will certainly not change this but it will help you to see things from another perspective. Rather than whining or moaning about things, or what people have or haven't done, I am going to choose to 'let it go' because negativity is poisonous for your health and well-being. Surround yourself with those that share similar values, understand your place on this earth and be with those who enrich your life in some way. Motherhood is an enormous undertaking, where you choose to put your own needs and wants aside for that of another and I took some time to adjust to this loss of my 'identity'. But now, 8.5 months down the track I have a new identity and a new outlook on life as I feel so blessed to have a healthy and happy (most of the time) child to care for and nurture. Yes, there are days when I wish I didn't have so much responsibility or had 5 minutes longer in the shower but I also remember how much I wanted this baby, and how disappointed I was with each failed pregnancy test. I choose to focus on the love, laughter and joy that this little person has brought into my heart and my home, and try not to hate myself when I get frustrated or feel at a loss at what to do. Having a baby will challenge you, change you, make you question yourself and those around you, but there is only one thing to do with self-doubt and negativity....let it go!


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