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Are you the parent of older children that want to spend most of their time with their heads buried in the latest gadget? Are you finding it difficult to keep your children entertained during the colder months and school holidays? Well prepare to get crafty with the help of Chicky Dough!

I received various sensory items from this QLD based company and although my little man is a bit too young (recommendation is from 2 years and up - with supervision of course), I road tested these items on some family and friends and am pleased to advise they were are resounding success.

Here are some of the items available, guaranteed to help with winter boredom:

Playdough Pack:

Handmade all natural, and chemical free coloured play dough pots that get kids designing and using their imagination. They do contain gluten though, so those with intolerances should steer clear as we all know that there is a good chance that kids will try and eat some!

Dry Chalk Paint:

Kids love to paint and be creative and this is such a clever idea. You mix the different coloured pots with water (handy hint: do this in a muffin tin to avoid mess) and it becomes a vibrant paint that you can apply to surfaces like concrete or bricks with a paintbrush. The children that trialled it for me loved the idea and even painted on their driveway at home - the best part is that it simply washes off!

Expanding Animals:

These animal shapes are a great sensory tool and are great for learning development. They start off as tiny little shapes and once immersed in water for 48-72 hours they expand to a 3D wobbly figure many times larger than they started.

Instant Snow Powder:

In around 2 minutes a tiny sachet when mixed with water becomes light, fluffy snow. My little tester was quite the frozen fan and was delighted to use it alongside her Elsa and Olaf figurines!

There are many other crafty and creative items available on their website, and it sure beats having your children's heads glued to the TV or buried in an I-Pad.

Check out the website or their facebook page!

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