Top 5 Newborn Must-Haves

There are so many baby related items on the market these days, and we are inundated with information about the latest products that we simply 'must have'. The advertising and marketing industries will have us believe that we need to have a certain brand or specific device in order to keep up with the Joneses. Here are my top 5 essentials based on my experience:

1. Invest in a pram that has a detachable capsule, that way you can transport your sleeping baby from the car to just about anywhere. The old saying of 'sleeping like a baby' is pretty much the exact opposite of what actually occurs and I personally found going for a drive invaluable when Hunter failed to settle as a newborn.

2. Buy plenty of zip up onesies for your newborn. As gorgeous as all baby clothes are these days, they are quite impractical in the early days when all your baby seems to be doing is vomiting and pooing itself. Trust me, there is nothing more frustrating than trying to match up a million press studs in a state of sleep deprivation!

3. Buy a tin of formula and a bottle even if you are hell-bent on breastfeeding. The truth is, breastfeeding is hard work at the beginning and your little one might not be getting enough as your milk comes in. I had to send my poor husband out at 3am scouring service stations and looking for a 24hr supermarket during the first week (I was lucky that my little man did not discriminate between bottle or boob)

4. Get a bouncer, rocker or swing. As much as you want to spend as much time as possible with your new addition, you also need to eat and go to the toilet as well. Having a safe place to put bubs when they aren't in your arms is important. Check the padding and softness around the head area though because babies' heads are so soft and malleable that they can easily become misshapen especially if they favour one side.

5. Purchase swaddles that have velcro or some sort of built-in fastening system. Muslin wraps just didn't cut it for my little houdini who kicked and punched his way out in minutes. A tightly swaddled sleeping baby is one of lifes little miracles!


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